How to Swim in Your Backyard on a Small Budget

Most people can’t afford to build a swimming pool in their backyards these days.  The average swimming pool costs around $40,000.  So how can you still stay active and work on your swimming techniques without having to go to the gym or local YMCA? The answer is to purchase an above ground pool! Yes, that is correct, above ground pools can be awesome these days. An above ground pool is a wonderful way to enjoy the luxury of swimming in the comfort of your own home. Building and maintaining an above ground pool doesn’t require professional help or high amounts of maintenance either. There are many things to consider before purchasing an above ground pool so make sure you do your research.  With these tips in mind you can swim in your own backyard above ground pool with a small budget in no time: Installation The first step is the installation of an above ground pool. While installing an above ground pool, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Size is the first thing to consider. Sometimes families happen to go for pool sizes that are spacious and work great. However, there is one more thing – maintenance. A bigger size of the pool means more chemicals, more water usage and more time and money invested in pool’s…

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How to Keep Swimming Workouts Fun

Whether it’s a way to cool off in a hot summer day, a fun method to burn calories and achieve the figure you have been dreaming about or whether you just want to spot some girls in sexy swimming costumes, everyone has a reason to love swimming. However, it is very easy to become obsessed with becoming a better and faster swimmer so much that all the fun is sucked out of swimming. The boredom can also stem from the repetitive nature of swimming or the fact that it is a game of solitude where one focuses on himself and can thus make you feel isolated and no longer looking forward to hitting the pool, or the ocean or even the river.   Why not just give it up? Swimming is one of the best workout exercises. It serves as both a cardio and strength training, works some muscles that are usually underworked by other exercises such as trapezius muscles and the deltoids and also trains the lungs to use oxygen more efficiently. It also regulates blood pressure and cardiovascular performance giving you a youthful glow. With these in mind, giving up swimming should not be considered at all Experiment with different strokes While it’s easy to focus on what you excel in such as the freestyle, this monotony can…

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Why I Love Butter in My Coffee

butter in coffee

To be honest, hearing that some individuals enjoy butter coffee was something strange to me initially. Why would anybody attempt such? I kept wandering. Well, there is no harm in trying, so I dared it. If it turned out the other way round, I would only lose a cup of coffee and a little slice of butter. I will forever thank my inquisitive mind as my discovery was simply irresistible. To ascertain its health implications, I did my research. Wow, the result was as good as the taste of my new-found drink. Permit me to take you through why I cannot do without butter coffee since then. No More Hunger At first, I was nervous replacing my usual high-protein breakfast with just a cup of butter coffee. I had always thought a hearty breakfast was the best way to avoid mid-morning hunger. My new found liquid fat help rubbished that. Even when I had much work to do, a cup of butter coffee kept me going for five to six hours without a feeling of hunger. I had to discontinue my habit of stopping in-between work to get snacks which were a fallout of the inability of a breakfast to keep me full for four or five hours. I never lost calories either since I switch over to butter coffee…

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Why Swimming is good for the Body and the Soul

While most people know that swimming can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your blood flow, they do not know what separates swimming from other forms of exercises. Apart from improving your general fitness, swimming also has other benefits such as breath control, meditative qualities, and muscle toning. Practiced throughout history as a form of exercise and physical activity, swimming is one of the oldest traditions. Nowadays, it has remained popular as a sport and also has a way of bringing energy, focus, and optimism into our lives. Here is why swimming is good for your body and soul. Swimming helps tone your muscles As compared to other forms of exercise, swimming is much more effective at toning your muscles. When it comes to swimming, you not only tone your body but also get the cardio portion of your workout. It also provides a certain degree of resistance which acts in the same manner as weights in gyms. However, as compared to the gym, submersion in water creates a more controlled resistance. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about having to count when it is time for lifting Have you seen swimmers bodies? Enough said. Swimming can help in personal reflection If you want to have some time for a personal reflection, you need to go swimming. When…

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block Fast!

how to overcome writers block

Writer’s block is the most feared demon for writers that can visit often. One moment your head was reeling with ideas and you couldn’t wait to put it down on paper. And the next moment, it’s all gone! You sit and stare at the blank screen, type and then retype, and this goes on. Yet, you, who could write a thousand words in a jiffy, cannot seem to complete a single decent sentence. It’s surely a fearful situation for any writer. Sometimes, you get writer’s block in the middle of a novel, or what’s worse, just before a deadline! What would you do? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are three ways in which you can overcome writer’s block fast and easy, and yes, these are guaranteed to work.   Move and Groove Did you know that the reason for your writer’s block is you yourself? Try and analyze whether or not it is the right time to write. Maybe you need to stew your ideas for a little more time. The best way to do this is to go for a walk or simply jog for a little while. You could also try dancing or yoga. Doing so will give your brain more time to think without being under pressure to write. It will also help your…

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