How to Keep Swimming Workouts Fun

Whether it’s a way to cool off in a hot summer day, a fun method to burn calories and achieve the figure you have been dreaming about or whether you just want to spot some girls in sexy swimming costumes, everyone has a reason to love swimming.

However, it is very easy to become obsessed with becoming a better and faster swimmer so much that all the fun is sucked out of swimming.

The boredom can also stem from the repetitive nature of swimming or the fact that it is a game of solitude where one focuses on himself and can thus make you feel isolated and no longer looking forward to hitting the pool, or the ocean or even the river.


Why not just give it up?

Swimming is one of the best workout exercises. It serves as both a cardio and strength training, works some muscles that are usually underworked by other exercises such as trapezius muscles and the deltoids and also trains the lungs to use oxygen more efficiently.

It also regulates blood pressure and cardiovascular performance giving you a youthful glow. With these in mind, giving up swimming should not be considered at all

Experiment with different strokes

While it’s easy to focus on what you excel in such as the freestyle, this monotony can make swimming very dull and boring. The best way to spice it up is by trying out other strokes such as butterfly, backstroke or the breaststroke. Not only do you break the monotony but you also get to understand your body better.

Move away from your small pool

Swimming in your pool or at the local gym where space is restricted and where you swim along the familiar narrow lane every day can prove boring. The best remedy is finding an open water surface with an element of wildness. A lake if you live close to one, a river or a swim beach will give you a new experience and with it: lots of fun.

The water in the rivers and ocean tends to be unpredictable and with strong waves which are quite a thrill and at the end, you become an even better swimmer.

Join a swim team

Swimming alone can be sad and boring especially if you persist in it. This is why it’s important to join a team where you can swim against your teammates, exchange ideas on better techniques and share a laugh.

Swimming with a group of friends give you something to look forward to and makes you a better swimmer as you learn from your teammates.

Listen to music

Advances in technology have enabled swimmers to enjoy music while swimming with waterproof phones and mp3 players. Playing upbeat music will lift your mood, make your body more active and give your mind something else to focus on other than the task at hand.

Swimming games

A great way to break the monotony and boredom that swimming can sometimes cause is by engaging in some swimming games with your friends. These include ‘shark in the pool’ where one player tags anyone who steps into the pool and the player who is tagged has to tag another player, or ‘ping pong’ where you compete to collect as many ping pong balls as you can.

These games take the gloom away from the pool and for some few minutes, you can forget the tedious backstroke you have been working on and just have fun.

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