Why I Love Butter in My Coffee

butter in coffee

To be honest, hearing that some individuals enjoy butter coffee was something strange to me initially. Why would anybody attempt such? I kept wandering. Well, there is no harm in trying, so I dared it. If it turned out the other way round, I would only lose a cup of coffee and a little slice of butter.

I will forever thank my inquisitive mind as my discovery was simply irresistible. To ascertain its health implications, I did my research. Wow, the result was as good as the taste of my new-found drink. Permit me to take you through why I cannot do without butter coffee since then.

No More Hunger

At first, I was nervous replacing my usual high-protein breakfast with just a cup of butter coffee. I had always thought a hearty breakfast was the best way to avoid mid-morning hunger. My new found liquid fat help rubbished that. Even when I had much work to do, a cup of butter coffee kept me going for five to six hours without a feeling of hunger.

I had to discontinue my habit of stopping in-between work to get snacks which were a fallout of the inability of a breakfast to keep me full for four or five hours. I never lost calories either since I switch over to butter coffee as I got them all after eating later on during the day.

My new found drink thus saves me the stress of disengaging from work every couple of hours in the name of hunger.

Amazing Energy

Also, it saves me from the constant dip in energy. Before switching to this liquid fat, it was a regular experience to feel mid-morning energy dip. Same experience resurfaced later in the day particularly on days when I had lots of work to do.

However, this trend is now a thing of the past since I started drinking butter coffee. From the morning hour of 6 when I take a cup to the time I retire to bed, I feel energetic.

Unlike before when I napped several times during the day, now I only nap once and that is when I overwork myself.

Before, I often resorted to praying for a miracle to be alert at work whenever I was sleep-deprived. Just by resorting to butter coffee, this problem disappeared. On a normal day, I need seven hours of sleep to be at my best cognitively and physically. Situations sometimes may warrant I reduced my sleep hours.

Instead of jittery like before, a cup of butter coffee always makes up for lost sleep while at work without any health worries.

Could I ever do without this amazing liquid? For now, the answer is an emphatic no. I am not exaggerating. All through my time of sipping butter coffer, I have been able to stay focus for a longer period, and I tend to get more things done. As a writer, I believe it has helped me overcome writer’s block as well on a few occasions.

It will not be wrong to say I am now 150% more productive at work.

I Enjoy the Taste

Coming to the first thing that got me hooked up to butter coffee, the irresistible taste. It left a pleasant flavor in my mouth that turned me on. How would I describe it? It was like sipping a foamy latte with a sort of coffee flavor, lots of froth and milky taste.

Before taking it, the idea of having butter in coffee may be unappetizing. I felt the same way, but the look on my face brightened up with a smile and a sense of satisfaction the moment it got into my mouth.

In a nutshell, my reasons for putting butter in my coffee are simple: it saves me from non-stop mid-morning hunger, mid-afternoon fatigue, and intermittent dip in energy. Also, it boosted my cognitive strength and always leaves a pleasant taste in my mouth after a drink. Give it a try, and you are sure to feel the same way.

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