How to Swim in Your Backyard on a Small Budget

Most people can’t afford to build a swimming pool in their backyards these days.  The average swimming pool costs around $40,000.  So how can you still stay active and work on your swimming techniques without having to go to the gym or local YMCA? The answer is to purchase an above ground pool! Yes, that is correct, above ground pools can be awesome these days.

An above ground pool is a wonderful way to enjoy the luxury of swimming in the comfort of your own home. Building and maintaining an above ground pool doesn’t require professional help or high amounts of maintenance either. There are many things to consider before purchasing an above ground pool so make sure you do your research.  With these tips in mind you can swim in your own backyard above ground pool with a small budget in no time:


The first step is the installation of an above ground pool. While installing an above ground pool, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Size is the first thing to consider. Sometimes families happen to go for pool sizes that are spacious and work great. However, there is one more thing – maintenance. A bigger size of the pool means more chemicals, more water usage and more time and money invested in pool’s maintenance.

Just because a pool size looks amazing doesn’t mean that you have to get that size. Choose the size that suits you and your family best. The rest of the pool that you don’t use will be a waste anyway.

Base Materials

Mason sand is a better option than stone dust for above ground pool base. This is because even though the mason sand itself appears very fine, with the weight of tons of water and professional tapping done while installing induces total compaction of the base. Conversely, with stone dust particles can rise to the surface water of the pool after some time, creating problems. Stone dust would also require another layer of a base material on top to prevent this from happening.


An above ground pool requires regular maintenance to keep the water crystal clear. There are a few tips that come in handy to keep your above ground pool water crystal clear and clean:

Have an Upgraded Filter:
Having an upgraded filter and pump is essential for maintaining cleanliness of the above ground pool. Investing in an upgraded filter would save you the hassle of changing filters often to no avail. Getting a better filter will cost you slightly more at first but will save you from countless other pool maintenance costs in the times to come. This also involves keeping the filter itself clean to prevent algae growth in the filter.

Having Floaters with Chlorine Tablets:
If you have a small backyard above ground pool, having a small floater with a few chlorine tablets in it can also help with keeping the pool water clean.


Vacuuming is not always required however if the pool gets sediments or gunk at the bed, frequent vacuuming can ensure swift cleaning and pristine maintenance.

Essential chemicals:
Maintaining clean water also requires using chemicals such as water clarifiers, chlorine tablets, algae-control solutions, and shock. Also, having a 30-50 ppm of a chemical called Cyanuric Acid (CYA) will protect the chlorine tablets used from the strong ultraviolet rays of the Sun. In case you need to maintain or change the pH of the pool water by increasing overall alkalinity, baking soda also comes in handy.
With keeping some important considerations in mind and with keen maintenance, you can splash in and enjoy in your above ground pool set in your own backyard.


I hope this article has helped you out some and you got some benefit from it. I started out with an above ground pool many years ago until I could afford an in-ground one.  Swimming is just so beneficial to your health and mind in many ways that I find any way to do it, having one in your backyard is the most convenient.

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