Why Swimming is good for the Body and the Soul

While most people know that swimming can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your blood flow, they do not know what separates swimming from other forms of exercises.

Apart from improving your general fitness, swimming also has other benefits such as breath control, meditative qualities, and muscle toning. Practiced throughout history as a form of exercise and physical activity, swimming is one of the oldest traditions.

Nowadays, it has remained popular as a sport and also has a way of bringing energy, focus, and optimism into our lives. Here is why swimming is good for your body and soul.

Swimming helps tone your muscles

As compared to other forms of exercise, swimming is much more effective at toning your muscles. When it comes to swimming, you not only tone your body but also get the cardio portion of your workout. It also provides a certain degree of resistance which acts in the same manner as weights in gyms.

However, as compared to the gym, submersion in water creates a more controlled resistance. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about having to count when it is time for lifting

Have you seen swimmers bodies? Enough said.

Swimming can help in personal reflection

If you want to have some time for a personal reflection, you need to go swimming. When done late in the night or very early in the morning, swimming pool can be the best place to build your concentration and focus.

Even swimming for only twenty minutes can allow your mind to flow in a meditative peace and your body to get into the rhythm.

Helps in stress reduction

You don’t have to use zodiac signs to enjoy the healing properties of swimming. Since it allows more energy to flow into your muscles and regulates your breathing, swimming is a very relaxing activity. It’s also one of the best ways of relieving your body of stress.

The sound of water and the rhythmic strokes also make it more relaxing. As matter of fact, it produces the same responses as yoga. Without having to focus on other gym members or traffic, swimming allows you to focus on what you’re doing.

Swimming help improves your breathing

As compared to the tracks and the gyms, swimming pools have a high level of moisture. This moisture makes breathing easier especially if you are suffering from asthma.

According to studies, swimming can greatly improve asthma symptoms. Even if you are not experiencing any breathing problems, it can help you improve your breathing techniques.

Swimming helps you to exercise longer with less pain

Since the water supports your body, if you have obesity or suffering from injuries, you can still swim for longer periods without any problem. It’s also one of the sports that does not cause any stress to your skeletal frame.

While swimming, you are not likely to come into contact with any objects that may harm your body and it is much safer for the knees and feet as opposed to running.

It connects you to the natural world

As compared to working out in the gym, swimming actually connects you to the natural environment while reminding you of your place. Standing alone beside a pool of water, ocean, or lake is perhaps one of the most humbling experiences.

It’s one experience that will reinvigorate your love for nature and encourage you to enjoy life and live fully.


Whether you want to reduce your stress levels, improve your breathing or tone your muscles, taking a plunge into the swimming pool is one of the best things to do. By taking one stroke at a time, you will not only be healthy but also learn how to live fully.

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