How to Overcome Writer’s Block Fast!

how to overcome writers block

Writer’s block is the most feared demon for writers that can visit often. One moment your head was reeling with ideas and you couldn’t wait to put it down on paper. And the next moment, it’s all gone!

You sit and stare at the blank screen, type and then retype, and this goes on. Yet, you, who could write a thousand words in a jiffy, cannot seem to complete a single decent sentence. It’s surely a fearful situation for any writer.

Sometimes, you get writer’s block in the middle of a novel, or what’s worse, just before a deadline! What would you do?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are three ways in which you can overcome writer’s block fast and easy, and yes, these are guaranteed to work.


Move and Groove

Did you know that the reason for your writer’s block is you yourself? Try and analyze whether or not it is the right time to write. Maybe you need to stew your ideas for a little more time.

The best way to do this is to go for a walk or simply jog for a little while. You could also try dancing or yoga. Doing so will give your brain more time to think without being under pressure to write. It will also help your mind relax. Your mood will also improve because of the increased flow of oxygen to your brain. You’ll soon see your creativity returning and the barrage of new ideas will surely overwhelm you!



Writer’s block keeps you from writing. So, the best way to overcome it is by writing!

Yes, surprised? Just start writing something. It could be anything. Don’t try to be eloquent or impressive. Just write whatever comes to mind without worrying about the quality, number of words or any other expectations.

When you write freely without worrying about being perfect, the brain gets trained to tap into your vocabulary more effectively. It also lifts frustrations and helps you focus on writing.

Simply put, it helps you overcome distractions and rids the mind of extra baggage. Soon, you’ll find your writer’s block disappear.


Jazz Up the Ambience

This is another sure shot method to overcome writer’s block fast.

All you need to do is play some music and modify your surroundings. Perhaps, you could rearrange your desk, or make your couch more comfortable. Doing so taps into your creative side and also helps revive your mental energy.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere will help your imagination flow freely. If this still doesn’t work for you, try using ambient websites like RainyMood, Soundrown, Coffitivity, and Showertime.

These websites play an ambient sound that gives you the feeling of being in a busy coffee room, or in the rain, or beside a fireplace, and so on. Studies show that listening to such sounds helps boost creativity and makes you productive.

It also helps you relax, so that your energies can be directed to the work at hand.


These three tips surely help overcome writer’s block. If these still don’t seem to work, you can simply brew some coffee or talk to an old friend.

Brainstorming ideas can also help overcome any stress the brain might be feeling. Let us know if these worked for you. Happy writing!


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